Aldridge Services Non-Profit Work

Name: PetFinder RSS Feed
Description: Provides a no-cost RSS animal shelter feel all across the United States to prospective adopters and animal shelters.
Instructions: For basic home use after you find an animal shelter you want to monitor for pets you just copy the URL to the RSS feed and add it to any supported RSS feed reader such as the one in Outlook.
If you use Google Chrome here is one that you can use that adds the functionality straight into the browser itself and works fairly well to some other competitors
This project is also listed on the bottom of the API partners of Pet Finder's website

Name: Missing Persons feed
Description: Provides a no-cost Missing Persons Banner to anyone who wants to use it.
The banner supports multiple sizes by default, it starts at 200px (default) wide, 468, 728, and xml data. When doing the custom banner sizes you must also specify a state in order for the system to understand what is going on. I did this by default and so that it is easier for the system to handle the incoming data as it is fed. Please note when given the option to use XML it will give you a total feed of the missing persons in your state so that you can handle all the missings person the way you want. I did it this way just in case you wanted to provide a link, setup your own rotating text, or even create your own system.